Do It Yourself

In Nov 2012 LongFin Investments was approved by Homepath as a nonprofit.  The properties of Homepath consist of nationwide foreclosure homes which were financed by Fannie Mae

Properties are often discounted 30% or more from ARV.  Most investors are only able to purchase properties from NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) after they have become available to owner occupied buyers and nonprofits.  This leads to a great deal of competition for a winning bid, especially in very desirable neighborhoods.  As an approved nonprofit with Homepath, we now have access to these properties first ahead of all other investors.

For seasoned investors we have an opportunity to benefit from our Homepath advantages.  By utilizing our system, you can purchase properties of the first look list, ahead of all other investors in any region. The process is simple; we will be able to purchase the property and will transfer title to the investor.  LongFin Investments will accept a $10,000 flat rate donation per property upon successful completion of the transaction.  Your donation will go to our charity “Quality Affordable Housing for All” which provides housing to people of low to moderate income.

Unlike other charities we help educate through our financial fitness education about money: what it is, where it comes from, how to create it and where to use it. Most people are brilliant at spending money; very few know how to multiply wealth.  Providing housing without increasing Financial Fitness is simply Socialism. We cannot create a system that gifts resources and encourages entitlement.  Creating education programs about money is one of the most important aspects for funding projects for supporters as well as new home owners.

The Road to Passive Income Tour

      In 2008 to our surprise we learned many disturbing facts about Wall Street and our financial practices. Since then we all assumed Wall Street has grown smarter and wiser, wrong again!!!!   Jon Corzine, a former governor of New Jersey, a man of ethics and integrity, had announced in Nov. 2011 that he is unaware where $1.2 billion of his investors’ money had gone. This has led to the 8th largest bankruptcy in US history. He apologized and sympathized to all the people that he hurt. Is that enough? How many people lost their livelihood and in financial ruin due to his mistakes?

Bottom line is: How much of your hard earned money are you

willing to lose due to someone’s incompetency?

The fact is that 95% of investors are gambling in the stock market. There are other options out there to protect you from market volatility and greed. Wall Street will not change; we have to take control of our financial destiny?

Just like the cash flow game everyone’s goal is to achieve personal financial freedom in order to get out of the rat race. This tour is a must have for those looking to start building their passive income. Learn how to reduce your risk and invest your money right; Mike Woo’s abundance of knowledge and experience in the financial and real estate arena has made many investors financially independent.

You can expect a learning experience during the Road to Passive Income Tour to include:

  • Lessons in both the class room as well as out in the field
  • Learn options of using your current resources in order to maximize your potential
  • Learn how to utilize your IRA for more than just volatile stocks & mutual funds
  • Find out the direction of the real estate market over the next few years, have we already hit bottom?
  • Find out what are the hottest markets right now.
  • What to look for when you are evaluating any market

Choose from our two life altering tours:

          Road to Passive Income Indy is dedicated to creating passive

           income through positive cash flow business model.


           Road to Passive Income Texas is dedicated to creating passive

               income through capital appreciation business model.