Partnership Summit Houston TX- July 19-20th. The large class will involve 100 slides of Mike Woo’s original material.

You will learn how to:

– Partner with Mike Woo on deals directly, the structure, the process and procedure.
– You will have a greater understanding on the history of money and where we are headed.
– You will receive the specific tools that Mike Woo uses to gauge the current status of financial health
– How to predict the future so that you can benefit in creating your own Personalized game plan for success.
– You will also review local properties too.
– How to purchase properties ahead of all other investors.
– You will be coached to a play and win the Cashflow game.

Pricing is $500 for 2 people!


We are working through our NAID certification as a non for profit with the HUD homes and financing. It has taken us 2 years to come to this point.

We are able to transact properties from the First Look list on Homepath. If you want to get in front of all other investors contact us back on the DIY project. Available properties are anywhere in the US.

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