Financial Fitness Mentoring


                              What can you accomplish with a Hall Fame award winner in your corner?         

How many times do we hear of someone losing their retirement funds due to trust in the stock market. The fact is that 95% of investors are gambling in the stock market. There are other options out there to protect you from market volatility and greed. We have seen the results of relying on others to make financial decisions for us. Wall Street is not changing; it’s time to take control of our financial destiny!

    No one cares about your money more than you!!!  

Due to a lack of true Financial Fitness, most financial advisors do not consider real estate a viable investment option. With the facts you can make the right decisions for you and your family. Just like with fitness you have to take action in order to be a success.  In the Financial Fitness Mentoring program we focus on creating a game plan for your future that works for you.  We are here to help guide you to reach your goals, whether to create a game plan for your retirement goals, college fund savings or improving you knowledge of real estate transactions in your business. We are here to discuss your agenda, not ours.  We utilize strategic methods in real estate to create a lifetime of wealth and security for you and your family.   Weather your prefer our cash flow or capital appreciation model, it’s all about making a game plan to accomplishing your goals and dreams.

 The mentorship program will be 8 weeks long, 8 sessions total 45 minutes each.

You will receive the following:

  • Mike Woo’s introduction DVD on real estate investing-“Stop the Gambling”.
  • Financial planning for your real estate business comprised of 8 one-on-one calls designed to help you succeed in your goals and objectives in real estate and personal investing. I will produce a custom strategy plan for your business or for your personal investing goals.
  • Unlimited direct email access to Mike Woo and/or my team of experts. 

Increase your financial fitness by learning the rules of the game!!!

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  1. I read about robert Kiyosaky and am interested in starting to invest in real estate and I would like to know how much you charge for mentorship program?
    Thank you.

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