Longfin Capital Appreciation Investments Model

Capitol appreciation in real estate ONLY works in strong demographic areas…

did I just contradict what most other real estate schools teach?

Some schools market education materials that sell, while others are actually working and converting properties in this business. Now that I have your attention, you know the old saying: Location! Location! Location! What they failed to mention is:


                            The key to any market is its demographics!!!

Your flexibility to move towards a successful emerging market and potentially away from what is in your back yard will lead to your success.

Our capital appreciation investments model has been very successful and lucrative. After a rigorous market analysis we chosen our target regions which exemplified the demographic growth requirements we look for in an emerging market. Our main focus for our capital appreciation properties is in Houston and Dallas, TX. Both cities have increases in population growth of 8% in 2012 mainly due to by job growth from leading industries and migration of workers from other developed regions. The properties that we target are transitioning from B markets moving towards A markets.

Longfin Investments has several options for investing in capital appreciation that are available for private funds and through self-directed IRA. You have this option to lend, become an equity partner or simply do it yourself.


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