Working as a Partner

“I can’t recommend Mike enough, as a business partner, as a professional, as an ethical and humane person (to anything not related to fish), and as a mentor for anyone new at real estate.”

Road To Passive Income Tour

“Very comprehensive and presented I a simple manner. It brought a lot of concepts together in a very understandable way”

“This experience has been great! Definitely a turning point for me. After trying things over and over again after each class and failing, I finally feel that I have found my path to action. Everything seems a lot clearer now!”

“Refreshing! After spending the past couple years learning and building my Financial IQ, I was ready for Action. This tour was more than I expected- looking at all the type of properties (A-D) helped to see the “big” picture and having the one-one time with Mike to talk about my goals was INVALUABLE!”

“If you are getting in to real estate, it will give you an accurate snap shot of what you are getting into and what it takes”

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